Though backing up your photos is a fairly simple task, very few of us take the time required to actually do it. PhotoBackups offers a solution to your backup needs by doing the work for you, preserving your images and videos in an organized
way so that you won’t
ever have to worry
about losing them.

How We Preserve Your Memories

PhotoBackups offers two unique services to help you back up your photos:

2) Photo and Video Backups
Many of the photos and videos
you have are truly priceless.
Printed photos and videos are
vulnerable though, because they are exposed to elements such as time, humidity, dust, water and heat, or they can be lost in fires, floods and other unexpected events. Printed photos and videos can also be cumbersome during moves and require larger storage space.

1) Event Photo Compilations
Our photo compilation service gathers copies of images from event guests (weddings, family reunions, etc) and puts them onto a compilation CD or DVD that is available to all guests. Our compilation service is a particularly great option if you’ve gone to an event and forgotten your camera. Have another guest snap some pictures for you; then get a compilation CD or DVD so you can have your own copies.








Storing your images and videos on a disc is the best way to preserve and protect them from further deterioration from elements
they are exposed to. Once your images and videos are stored on a disc, you can easily organize, print, copy, send, and share them
any time you want.

For more information on PhotoBackups and our services, please contact us.